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Ferrari F2007

FERRARI AUTO S.p.A. Gestione Sportiva (Sport management): development of aerodynamic shapes for the vehicles F2001, F2002, F2004, F2005 and model designing for the wind gallery of the vehicle F2006.

FERRARI F137 and MASERATI M139: feasibility studies, kinematical evaluations and design of the specifications of the electric windows.

RHT Mitsubishi Colt CZC

FIAT PANDA (project 193): feasibility studies and ergonomic of dashboard and pillars.

FIAT IDEA MPV (project 350): tests on seats volume and movements; installing and defining of the parts.

Shading IVECO Stralis

MITSUBISHI and ALFA ROMEO: kinematical set up and feasibility of the soft top realization devices and retractable hard top.

IVECO Stralis photorealistic model

IVECO STRALIS: modelling of the whole dashboard, feasibility evaluations and specifications moulding.

Soft top Alfa Spider