D-Cube - Digital Design Development
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Clients Ferrari Auto S.p.A.
for sport management
Clients Cantieri Navali BAGLIETTO
for yacht 44mt
Clients Aermacchi S.p.A. for C27J,
EFA, M346 and Silence(r) projects
Clients O.A.Sys S.r.l.
for Mitsubishi and Alfa Romeo brands
Clienti Pininfarina S.p.A.
for CHERY group brands
Clienti Pro-Plast S.n.c.
industrial design
Clients I.De.A. Institute
for FIAT Group
Clients COGGIOLA S.p.A.
UGS system attendance
Clients Autostudi S.r.l.
for FIAT Group and NISSAN brands
Clients T.G.E. S.r.l.
for FIAT brand
Clients Tecnocad S.p.A.
for FIAT Group
for EFA, SF260 projects
Clients BITRON S.p.A.
for FIAT brand - Savona unit
Clients Sofiter System Engineering S.p.A.
for M346 and Airbus A380 projects
Clienti Assystem S.p.A.
for M346 e M311 projects
Clienti Aurora Ing. S.r.l.
for Alfa Romeo brand Brera projects
Clienti BOBST Group S.p.a. Rotomec
for rotogravure
Clienti Piaggio Aero S.p.A.
for P180, P1XX projects
Clienti Intier Automotive Div. ROLAM
MMC and FIAT brands
Clienti Bombardier Transportation S.p.a.
for TRAXX units
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