D-Cube - Digital Design Development
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Who we are
D-CUBE is a company founded in Savona in 1999, offering product project, design and industrialization services.
Given its expertise, its human resources and the available technologies,
D-CUBE is a flexible service provider, capable of gathering and managing a wide range of services that would otherwise subcontracted to different service provider.
With the acquired experience, D-CUBE is capable of developing the whole procedure, starting from the original idea and ending with the start of production of the product in all its components.

D-CUBE operates mainly in the following industries:
  • Aeronautical
  • Automotive
  • Maritime
  • Industrial Design and components production
In Each one of the above industries, D-CUBE is capable of offering its support to the technical experts, both assisting them in the various stages of the project and developing the idea in its own offices.
D-CUBE is therefore a research and development centre that can work either independently or in cooperation with the customerís technical staff.