D-Cube - Digital Design Development
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The main feature of D-CUBEs structure is its ability to provide complete projects that, starting from technical and/or aesthetic specifications, can lead to the complete moulding of parts, both in plastic, metallic or carbon fibre. All this is attained through the realization of 3-D CAD models with realistic photo evaluations, kinematical, structural, feasibility simulations, and product engineering.

With the assistance of specialized companies with which D-CUBE collaborates, it is furthermore possible to realize both the physical piece through a stereo lithography in plastic and semi-metallic materials and the design and full construction of moulds.

Based on ten years of experiences acquired on CAD-CAM systems, D-CUBE is capable of offering to the client, through the most common interfaces (IGES, STEP, VDA, DWG, DXF) the following:

  • wire frame modelling for surfaces and solid parameterization
  • modelling of A class master surfaces from clouds of dots
  • feasibility and ergonomics analysis, bidimensional and tridimensional
  • kinematical evaluations
  • development of specifications in plate, plastic, carbon fibre
  • study drawings of assy and simple parts.

These activities are carried out using cad systems such as CATIA V4/V5,UNIGRAPHICS or PRO/ENGINEER on Unix platforms with SGI, SUN and IBM work stations.
Kinematical evaluations